Websites today play a very vital role in the expansion of any business. Not only does having websites promote your business, but also helps in the promotion of your various brands. But for a positive response for your business, it’s important that we keep the people updated with all the new brands coming in if you are a product based business or your latest services if you are in the service based industry. For this we would need an Expert Website Designer, which could prove to be costly and could burn holes in your pocket. But technological innovations now, such as self-editing options have made everyone an own web designer for their websites.
*** we charge R360 an hour so depending on how regular your updates are required we will suggest whether it makes sense to go for a self-editing website or a content management system giving you the capability to update easily***

Advantages of the Self-Editing Websites

Now almost every site offers a Self Edit option. Which means you can change anything, be it information, contact details, or the Company’s profile all by yourself, without having to hire or wait for your website designer to change the desired information for you. This process of depending on your website Designer is not only costly, but can also prove to be time consuming. Whereas the self-editing option allows you to change the material on your website without having to rely on someone else. Now you can change the content of your Website anytime you feel like and from anywhere in the world. 

Options offered for Self-Editing Website Designers

The good news for all those people who want to become Self-Editing Website Designers is, that you don’t need to have all the Html knowledge required for the changes in editing your page. As there is no TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE required for this. Not only this, but the privilege of being the master of your website allows you to keep the content of your website fresh and updated, without having to pay others to do so.
Other than this if the material on your website keeps on changing, this would give a new flavour to the visitors and there are fair chances that they would return to your website to see the latest fresh content.
While controlling your website you can add more links to your link pages and this would increase your reciprocal links. Images can be automatically resized to optimise image file-sizes and images can also be directly added from your computer.
The website designing business has seen a boom in the recent years but this doesn’t mean that all the website designers have work, as due to the self-edit options, we have got a new branch of website designers, known as Self-Edit Website Designers. Self Editing options have made life easy for Website owners, yet this still doesn’t end the demand for the professional website designers.
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