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PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for creating dynamic web pages. Originally PHP was the abbreviation for "Personal Home Page", but now is known to stand for "PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor". According to statistics, PHP today is installed on more than 21 million websites and 1 million web servers. This shows the increasing demand for PHP and for PHP website designers.

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Unlike many languages, many PHP website designers know no other language. This uncommonly causes it to be dismissed as a lesser language, but its growing popularity and the many efficient sites built using it dissipate this myth. Development is continuing at a fast pace, however, with each mounting build, PHP appears to address more and more affairs brought up by its community.

PHP website designers, get some criticism due to this language, as PHP is criticized for some security flaws, in comparison to other languages. Incomplete set of built-in functions and lack of easily understandable error messages, also point to areas where a little more improvement has to be shown. However, PHP lays many advantages for PHP website designers. As PHP scripts sit inside HTML documents, the designers do not need a special editor for creating pages. If the PHP website designer is running his/her own server, then this becomes easy enough to do.

PHP offers surpassing connectivity to many databases, and apart from allowing the PHP website designer to manipulate the content of their page, PHP also sends HTTP headers. Now the PHP website designer can manage authentication and redirect users. PHP is fast, secure, easy to use and free. The simplicity of PHP makes it easy to learn and understand it. The language is similar to that of C or Perl and PHP website designers, who have the understanding of any of these two languages, will feel more comfortable using and understanding PHP. The best part about PHP, which even gives ease to its designers, is that it runs on just about every platform.

However, if you or either the PHP website designer move forward for making a more advanced site, then the more complex the PHP code becomes. But still PHP can achieve just about anything you or the designer wants, as it has a number of built-in functions to analyze data in just about any way the desired person choose to. With the escalating demand for website designers in all fields, the demand for PHP website developers is also seeing a boom. 

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