The Enterprise Website, massive 20 Page option, perfect for a corporate or large business.

You get to choose 20 webpages of the following or make up your own 20 Pages:


homepage starter web design Home Page - Summary of your products, services, some intro text to your information pages.

Contact Details - Tel, Cell, Postal, Physical can also include directions, maps, opening hours, etc.

Online Enquiry Form - List the fields you want to be emailed to you. (eg. 'Name', 'Product Interested In', 'Budget', 'Qty', 'Region' etc.)

 Products Page(s) Products you offer, e.g. saucepans, ink cartridges, domain names or diesel generators

  Services Page(s) Services you offer, e.g. web design, hypnotherapy, pensions advice or seismic surveys;

Information pages

  • About Us/Company Profile: company history, mission statement, key personnel, position in the market place, memberships of trade or professional bodies.
  • Links: other sites of interest to your visitors, link exchanges with complementary but noncompeting businesses, links to trade or professional organisations.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): establishes your expertise in your field of business.
  • Testimonials: establishes your reputation. Give customers peace of mind.
  • Case Studies: real life examples of clients benefiting from your expertise. These should be added frequently, not less than one per quarter.
  • Newsletters: news items, major orders won, new products, industry news. Again should be added to once per quarter as minimum.
  • Downloads/Resources: price lists, order forms, maps and directions, product data sheets, application forms, etc.

Enterprise Website Features

A Unique Design Concept

Professional web design of a website concept, custom-tailored to your business and developed especially by our top web designers to match the unique identity of your brand. 

Header Cust

Our web designers will customize the header part of the design concept you like to make it match your unique site identity. 

Logo Implementation

If you provide a company logo our designers will incorporate it into your site or they will propose a text-based logo in case you do not have one

SEO Friendly Structure

We build well structured, SEO-friendly web sites with validated HTML code and stylesheets, which makes your site more favorable for search engine indexing.

Design Work

These hours define the amount of work that our designers will do to make your site pages look sharp and stylish after you have provided the content.

Static Pages

These pages include static content, such as your home page, About Us page and similar.

Contact Form

An easily customizable website contact form to receive feedback and keep in touch with your website visitors.

Host Domain 

We take care of the registration of your domain name to ensure the unique place of your online business on the Internet.

Host Email

We provide professional email service with email accounts at your domain name and useful management tools to boost your business email campaigns.

Host Space

Our service provides enough disk space to meet the requirements of virtually any business.

Host Multiple Domains

You need more than one domain to resolve to your site? No problem - parked domains allow to have, for example,, and all point to your site, provided that you own these domains.


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