If your on the fence on whether to get solar heating for your pool or not, here are some benefits that might make it a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Just so happens one of our affiliated clients offers top class solar pool heating by Prosolar.

Environmental and Financial Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

The use of unlimited solar energy is beneficial to the environment. The solar pool heating system uses the sun as the source of energy so gas or electric heaters are not needed anymore. When more people use solar heaters, the need to harvest energy sources that are harmful to the environment is significantly lessened. Shipping solar energy is not necessary so the carbon footprint of the household is also minimized. Solar heaters also operate with virtually no emissions which also contribute to the significant decrease in the carbon footprint of your pool. All these translate to lower bills. You no longer have to pay huge amounts to operate conventional heaters just to enjoy a short dip in your pool.

Swim for More Months

You tend to use a conventional heater in a short period of time in an attempt to lower the bill; but with a solar heater, you get to enjoy your pool without worrying about what your bill is going to look like every due date. Rather than making do with a swimming season that runs from November to February, you can start using the heater as early as September until as late as April. You get to enjoy the pool all year round because the water temperature will be comfortable enough to swim in from May to August. That will not even absolutely stop you from using the solar heater the whole year round.

Installing and Maintaining a Solar Heater

Installing a solar pool heating system will not require additional pumps. It can be installed to make use of your existing pump already, so you do not have to worry about spending on a major overhaul of your pool system. The installation process only takes a day, which means you only need to skip a day when it comes to enjoying your pool. A small sacrifice compared to the lovely temperature you will be swimming in after installation.

Since a solar pool heating unit has no moving parts, there is almost no need for maintenance repairs or procedures. Once it is installed, it continues to function and give you warm waters to swim in. All the components of the heater are made of highly durable materials which means you do not have to worry about broken parts. Operating one is also so simple that you do not need special instructions. It is as simple as turning the system on, set the temperature control, wait for the water to warm up, and jump in.

With all these benefits, it would be unwise not to switch to solar pool heating. You get to be an earth saver and at the same time you get to save a lot of money too. You get to enjoy your investment longer than usual. You get the advantage of easy installation and operation that is also virtually maintenance-free.

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