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I know what its like to want to open an online store, trying my best to find an honest developer.

Then trying to find the right marketing tools, researching seo? ppc? social? email? sms?
It never ends and after all of it, you dont even know if its right!

Well over the past 8 years Weblight has helped its clients Big and Small

achieve incredible results through affordable solutions.

We help you make the critical decisions right the first time:
  • Ecommerce Platform & Shopping Carts

  • Payment Processors in South Africa
  • Shipping / Courier Providers
  • Product Management Tools
  • Client Communication Addons
  • Marketing tools that will create return customers
  • SEO, PPC, SMS, COUPONS, EMAIL and many more...

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web designerChoosing A Website Designer

Choosing a website designer is not an easy process. So how do you know that you can trust that your website designer is going to not only produce a visually appealing design, but an effective and profitable one that is on time?

What is the answer to this question?
The answer lies in verifiable testimonials and a solid website design portfolio.  You might also consider choosing a website designer that is close to you or your offices. We have an article on How to review a website designer’s portfolio if you need some assistance in areas like, Google Page Rank or Traffic to their client’s website and many more.

Web design company or a solo website designer?

This is a no brainer and I will prove it to you. The pros of using a solo website designer are that initially they will give you a low pricing structure and possibly some extra personal attention. The problem that comes into play is that a one man show will struggle to delegate as he grows. Thus the degradation of service of any great website designer is bound to happen once he starts to shine in the industry. There goes the Low Pricing structure and the Personal Interaction right out the window.

A web design company
has more resources at hand, so if needed they can allocate additional staff members if a certain staff member is sickly or too busy. We have had many clients move away from one man show web designers because of urgent changes needed that take up to two weeks to complete.

The main benefit or strength within Weblight is that we give our staff the ability to specialize in certain areas of web design. This is the key to our client’s success online. We have staff members specialized in graphic design, search engines, social media, client/public relations, online marketing and promotions



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